KRESIN Engineering Corporation
Blind River Waste Management Plan Environmental Assessment
The Town of Blind River is undertaking an Environmental Assessment (EA) to establish a preferred long-term waste management plan.  Prior to implementing the preferred measure(s), approval under the EA Act is required.
White River Waste Disposal Site Expansion
The Township of White River Waste Disposal Site operates under Ministry of the Environment (MOE) Certificate of Approval (C of A) Number A562201, dated March 17, 1981, which establishes a 0.8 hectare area for the disposal of solid, non-hazardous domestic, commercial and industrial waste within a total site area of 1.6 hectares.
Wawa Waste Disposal Site Expansion
Recent studies completed by the Municipality of Wawa and inspections conducted by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) have determined that the approved capacity of the waste disposal site has been exceeded. The Site is operated by the Municipality of Wawa (Municipality) and accepts waste from the Community of Wawa as well as Hawk Junction, and the Village of Michipicoten River. The existing waste disposal site is approved to accept non-hazardous solid municipal waste.
White River Sewage Municipal Class Environmental Assessment
The Township of White River has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to investigate alternatives for improvements to the Municipal Sewage Lagoon. The intent of the Class EA is to investigate alternatives and identify a preferred solution to address deficiencies with the current lagoon facility, namely that the lagoon is undersized to properly accommodate the current and future sewage flows for which it is intended to be used.
Township of Dubreuilville Establishment of a Municipal Landfill Site

The Township of Dubreuilville currently operates a municipal waste disposal site located approximately 4 kilometers north-northeast by road formt he centre of the built-up community of Dubreuilville. Based on the estimated volume of in-place material at the waste disposal site, the current site is nearing capacity.  Considering this, the Township has initiated the Screening Process undeer the Province's Environmental Assessment Act to establsh a new municipal solid waste landfill site.  

Wawa Connecting Link Improvements
With assistance from the Provincial Connectin Link Program, the Muncipality of Wawa intends to implement improvements to Mission Road and Main Street, commencing in 2020. Improvements include frost heave repairs, drainage improvements, re-designation from four lanes to three lanes with the addition of cycling facilities, and the iinstallation of a signalized pedestrian crossover.