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Blind River Waste Management Plan Environmental Assessment
The Blind River Municipal landfill operates under an Environmental Compliance Approval (previously termed Certificate of Approval) issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) which specifies the approved area within which solid waste may be disposed.
MOE inspection reports and reports prepared on behalf of the Town have identified the existence of waste disposed of outside the approved area (termed "Fill Beyond Allowable Limits" - FBAL). The MOE requires that the Town address this issue.
Studies have also indicated that the remaining capacity of the fill area to accommodate domestic waste generated in the Town is nearing the approved capacity.
In response, Town Council initiated the required process under the Province's Environmental Assessment (EA) Act to identify the best option to address the identified FBAL and to increase the Town's landfill capacity for generations to come. The first step of the process was completed in July 2008 when the Minister of the Environment approved the Environmental Assessment Terms of Reference. In February 2009, the Town published the required EA Notice of Commencement to inform the public that the EA has been commenced.