KRESIN Engineering Corporation
White River Waste Disposal Site Expansion

Client: Township of White River Start Date: 2011-09-01
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The Township of White River Waste Disposal Site operates under Ministry of the Environment (MOE) Certificate of Approval (C of A) Number A562201, dated March 17, 1981, which establishes a 0.8 hectare area for the disposal of solid, non-hazardous domestic, commercial and industrial waste within a total site area of 1.6 hectares.
Ministry of the Environment (MOE) inspection reports have identified the existence of waste deposited outside the approved fill area (FBAL – Fill Beyond Allowable Limits). The MOE requires that this be addressed and rectified by the Township.
Based on estimates previously developed, the volume of material in-place at the current site has exceeded the estimated licensed volume.
Considering the above, the Township has initiated the required process under the Province’s Environmental Assessment (EA) Act to identify the best option to increase the Township’s waste disposal site capacity and address the identified FBAL.